Finally, after a leg breaking 8 days of cycling, I finished the Strava challenge, the Rapha Festive 500. To clock in 500km I have to circle Singapore 4 times(my loop consist of 108km) and had to do some additional wandering off just to make it to the target goal. This made me realize, I am running out of roads at Singapore.

Using my 2013 Giant XTC 2 (all on stock components and still sporting those heavy rolling knobby tires) I managed to make my legs suffer a lot of pain. Still, it was an awesome experience. Being on the saddle for over 21 hours, I literally got butt hurt after the 200km++ ride I did. 21 hours of lonesome on the road do gave me an epiphany, this shit is crazy. But I still did it and will still do it again. Maybe on faster rolling thin slick tires, and maybe a lighter bike and a more comfortable saddle.



I have been doing coding work for HML5(mostly JS, HMTL and CSS stuff) for two months now. Since I got bored playing games and missed coding C/C++ games, I tried to do something a bit useful. Plus I want to learn something about Android.

There have been a some work on porting Irrlicht to Android. It is based on the branch of Irrlicht for OGLES but forked from a an old revision. And it is OGLES2 driver is not working, hence the motivation.

So after a week of skipping WoW, I have been able to make a running build for Irrlicht forked from the latest revision(r4073) of the ogles branch. So far, only OpenGL ES 2 driver is working. And still no input. I’ll try to update later. And I totally skipped GLES1. I have only made Makefiles for Sample 2 and 8, I’ll probably make the other sample’s working when I have the time(which is gonna be rare this following two weeks).

So here is the Github link for my fork. No Java just pure native code.

And a video of Example 8 on my Samsung Galaxy S2(running on Android 2.3)

I have a graphics engine, now what to do with it?

On a sidenote, I still didn’t like Eclipse. I contented myself in doing the compiling and packing on a Cygwin terminal and coding on Visual C++ Express / Notepad++.

I was bored this weekend so I hacked my beloved Sennheiser headphone. Very simple and less likely to ruin my current favorite can. Here’s my new and sorta improved Sennheiser HD238 with an iPod Shuffle directly attached to it(it is still detachable).

What I did was just attached a elastic band(about half inch wide) by sewing it on the mesh of the phone. Replaced the cable with a shorter one and an L-shaped stereo connector. I tend to be hassled by the long cable running along my body so I opted to cut the it all through out and just had it hanged on the side of the phone.

With my ever increasing demand to stay connected to the Internet, I decided to try Sun Cellular’s Broadband Wireless Call and Surf Unlimited Plan 999. I was a bit hesitant on getting this plan because I wasn’t able to find any review of this service. But alas, the household is in need of another line, so going for broke, I got the said plan.

Great thing with Sun, when you avail of a line, if you will be using a credit card to autocharge the bill, you could get line and phone immediately. You don’t have to wait for several days to have your application approved. There are two phones available for the said plan, a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 and a Samsung Galaxy 5. Choosing X8 was a no brainer for me, seeing how very poor the reviews of Galaxy 5 compared with X8. Though I was able to get the phone immediately, I still had to wait almost 24 hours to get the SIM to get activated. I would also like to add that you can’t have a preferred number with the Wireless Broadbands, unlike the regular line. I was planning to get a number ending with 1337, or just have something like +63922REIZEN, or just retain my old number, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible.

The next morning after the sim was activated, I found myself unable to surf the Internet. Unfortunately, no connection setting was included on the phone nor available instructions on how to set it up. I spent a good deal of searching the Internet for the solution and stumble upon the correct setting. Why not call the technical support of Sun if you may ask? I have plenty of experiences with talking with Sun’s technical support representatives and all of them ended as if I had gained nothing. So instead wasting 10-15 mins of waiting for a represantative to answer and another 10-15 minutes of talking with a human with machine like response, I might as well research on my own. Because of I will still ended doing the later anyway.

Here are the settings, there are two sets, for 1.6 and 2.1 Android. If not specified, just leave the setting blank. These can be found on Settings > Wireless and network settings > Mobile Networks

for 1.6
Name: SBW Call and Surf (doesn't matter what you name this)
APN: fbband
Proxy: (optional, you may leave this blank)
Port: 9201 (optional, you may leave this blank)

for 2.1
Name: SBW Call and Surf (doesn't matter what you name this)
APN: fbband
Proxy: (optional, you may leave this blank)
Port: 8080 (optional, you may leave this blank)

A minor problem is that sometime the phone connects to a Edge(GSM) network even if there is a 3G(WCDMA) network. If I want to connect to the Internet I have to manually set the Preferred network Connection to ‘WCDMA only’.

(I don’t know if the following statement is true to other phones but this is true with the X8 that I got with the line) Another caveat for always being connected to 3G and having Data Transfer enabled is the very short discharge time. I could only go by a day with a fully charged phone. At one time when the phone was having trouble staying connected to a 3G network, the battery heats up and discharges very quickly, the phone only lasted for 8 hours.

Now how about the Internet connection. The browsing was quite fast, acceptable for using a mobile browser. So I benchmarked it using Speed Test Application for the Android. Here are my results

Ping(in ms) Download(in kB/s) Upload(in kB/s) Server Location
152 44.9 39.1 Quezon City On LRT, Manila
119 202.7 53.7 Singapore Ortigas
146 118.4 56.5 Singapore Quiapo, Manila
130 86.0 51.2 Makati City at Home in Caloocan City

On this trials, I just wanted to know if they could Sun could really deliver the advertised 2Mb/s speed(which is roughly around 260KB/s). Unfortunately, the numbers doesn’t quite reflect the advertised figures. As far as bandwidth cap, I am not aware of such. I think I’ll buy the tethering app for Android so that I can maximize the data transfer and test beforehand if such a cap exists with this service.

Final Verdict
I’ve been using Sun Cellular for over 2 years now and quite satisfied with their service, in terms of general SMS`ing and calling. But I was very disappointed with mobile Internet service. I overall, the service is very poor. Granted that Sun is quite new to this and has very wide room for improvement. Nevertheless, this is the most affordable service of its kind in the Philippines, so if you’re itching for being connected all the time, you can grab this service but don’t expect it be blazing fast and very reliable.

February 12, 2011 was the last night for the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition with Australia to present their show for the competition and Philippines Platinum Fireworks for an exhibition. After Australia’s show, the winner for this year was announced and it was China winning the top prize, with United Kingdom as the runner up. No surprise with that, since they had over 2000 years of R&D backing them up. Once again, I present the photos I took from the event.


Gallery: My Facebook Gallery

Philippine’s Exhibition Show

Gallery: My Facebook Gallery

That ends the series of Fireworks shot I took. Too bad I wasn’t able to complete all five but it was still a blast. For my previous post here are the links:
Week 1: Korea and Spain
Week 2: Portugal and UK
Week 3: China and France

Not an accurate history per se, but just some fun facts.
History of Operating Systems

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Marine Blues

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Just sharing an epicly funny Starcraft 2 comic. From US Community Blog

Marine Blues