An Ubuntu Manga, Ubunchu

Posted: 2009/04/15 in Ubuntu
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It’s no surprise that almost any topic can be a subject for a manga. And operating systems is not an exception. As I was looking through the daily releases of manga, I stumbled upon this queer sounding named manga, “Ubunchu” and was described as the fusion of Linux and manga. With the spirit of GNU, its free and the mangaka made the PSD available for download. It was originally written/drawn in Japanese and was later translated to English.

It’s about a system administration club members who stumbled upon Ubuntu. I really can’t tell much about the story, because only one chapter was release. I really don’t expect much from it. I only viewed it as a tool to help evangelize the use of Linux, probably help inform people that such an alternative from Windows and Mac’s OS exists. Hopefully, this should give boost to the growing community of Linux users.

By the way, why “Ubunchu”? If you’re familiar with Nihongo or Japanese language, it doesn’t really support the syllable “TU”, so its equivalent to the “CHU” or “TSU”. Putting that into consideration, Japanese would normally say “Ubuntu” as “Ubunchu”. Although this is just my observation.

Here’s the author’s site of the manga where you can download it.

And another note on Ubuntu. Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, will be released in April 23, 2009. Not so many updates, but still, worth upgrading to.


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