Tweexter v0.1 – released for the PSP

Posted: 2008/07/01 in PSPDEV
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Yay!! Finally, I was able to finish my first PSP homebrew game project. I introduce you, Tweexter. I really can can’t come up with a great name so i just combined twist and texter. Tweexter is very similar to Gamehouse’s Texttwist. You are given a set of 7 letters(on future release, it will be a combination of 6 and 7 letters) and you have to unscramble it to a more sensible word. To advance to the next round you need to solve the 7 letter word.

I was really planning on porting Texttwist to PSP, retaining the graphics and sounds but I figured that i could get in a lot of trouble if I do so. So i restarted from scratch, producing the graphics, except for the background. Currently, there is no sound effects, but i’m planning to add sfx on the next releases.

Included in the release is the source code. I am not a great programmer, so please don’t expect super fast and efficient algorithms. It was written in C++, but can be easily converted to C. I’m not an expert in C, so I just used this project as an opportunity to experience C++. The use of classes was a total mess and since i’m too lazy to rewrite it, I ended up sticking to it. To compile the source code, you’ll need a pspsdk, and a couple of it’s dependencies, namely, libpng and zlib.

Here’s a couple of links for the source and eboot:

tweexter @ googlecode

Here’s a video of it in action. It’s a bit messy.

I’m just a simple guy, and can’t afford file servers and have to depend solely on free file servers. Here’s a couple of screenshots.

The word list is by no means perfect, so if you have any request to remove or add any word, just send me an email at[at] . For bug reports also email me at the said address.

Hopefully, more features will be added on next release and audio/visual upgrades. Along with that, I’m starting a new project. The working title is portaBible. Though there are a few homebrew Bible program for the psp, but I’m planning to make one that uses standard bible formats, either the unboundible or pdb. Other features is support for Japanese text and Strong’s numbering system and dictionary.

Changed the download link to point to goooglecode.

  1. wraggster says:

    Thanks for the News/release 🙂

  2. Austin says:

    GREAT GAME!!! kee it up man i look forward to your future releases.

  3. EnderWiggin says:

    Wonderful game! Not bad for a first release. I’m also looking to do some PSP dev stuff, hopefully a game no one has done yet.

    Will this work on a slim? I tried to compile your code with BUILD_PRX = 1, and stuck in into the GAME folder to test on 3xx, but it crashed.

    However, the 150 build works fine even if it is the GAME folder. I do have the 150 extension installed (I’m on Phat 390 M33-3)

    I do have only one complaint, and that is the select button quits straight away. I don’t think it’s needed and caused a bit of consternation when I first tried your game.

    Anyway, great job!

  4. Thanks alot. This game is so fun. I’m playing on a 4.01 M33 on a phat psp.

  5. kryst abegnalie says:

    good job, lets raise the pinoy pride in homebrew scene, keep it up!

  6. […] source code, youll need a pspsdk, and a couple of its dependencies, namely, libpng and zlib. Source Download 1 Download 2 PSPSeq version 3.00 Audio Synthesis and Sequencing on the PSP Notes for […]

  7. Pomskie says:

    You are cool! way to go!

  8. Em says:

    Nice. I think you’re really industrious. Wehehe. I’m the one who’s lazy~ kain, tulog, laro. XD Keep it up! :3

  9. Libog says:

    Thanks for this great game now my girlfriend will have something to play with other than my… ehem.

  10. danteboy says:

    nice galing.

  11. danteboy says:

    similar to text twist for psp… works fine with 5.0 by the way.

  12. rosera says:

    Pretty cool application I have been looking for something like this to do a maths game. Compiled code under Ubuntu for PSP Slim, two minor mods made to the makefile:

    # Case sensitive
    PSP_EBOOT_PIC1 = ./PIC1.png
    PSP_EBOOT_ICON = ./ICON0.png

    # Target Version Firmware
    PSP_FW_VERSION = 390

    Thanks for providing the source code, look forward to more releases from you in the future.

  13. Hey Thanks for this brilliant game I published it on my site with all your credits cheers 😀

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